Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thoughts of summer's end...

As summer starts to wind down to the tune of children busying themselves as they prepare for the new school year, I've found myself comparing this summer to those of the past. This summer has certainly been busier than I ever expected, but it seems as though those around me have grown exponentially through all of the hustle.

My baby brother is preparing to leave for college in a few weeks - something that makes me immeasurably proud, yet saddened to think that we may not see each other often, or that he may never fully return to living in the area even after he graduates. There are twelve years seperating us, yet I feel closer to him now than I ever have before - he's grown into a mature, responsible, handsome young man who really seems to have his head situated properly on his shoulders as he prepares for his biggest challenge yet - full time college away from home.

My little sister graduated from college earlier this year, and while she took the summer off to spend time with her daughters, she will soon be faced with the everyday challenges associated with working full time, while balancing her new career with her family. I know she will be successful and that in itself makes me proud of her.

My second brother has also been through dramatic changes, none of which I'll drag out here, but if you read this Beaner (our nickname for him since he was a little kid, though I have NO idea why even to this day), know that I love you and I support you and your newfound happiness.

I sit here days away from my 30th birthday, which I suspect makes me even more reflective on my life and the lives of those who have such strong influence on me. To each of you out there, thank you for your continued love and support. I begin a new journey on August 27th - that of student again. I'm nervous and excited, naturally. I'll be finishing my Associates Degree in Accounting and moving on from there to earn my Bachelor's - which means that I will be a commited, full-time student again for the next four years! It's a wonderful opportunity and I'm ready to dive in - in fact, the 27th seems like an awful long time away, though I suspect that I should enjoy what I have left of my free time now.

My "boys" (hubby and son) are awesome and supportive. My son will be entering the 4th grade later this year and that alone makes me wonder where in the heck the last 9.5 years have gone. It's amazing to look at his baby pictures and video and compare those to the little man that stands before me now. He is certainly growing into his own person, complete with attitude and his own little quirky behaviors. I'm proud - couldn't possibly be prouder, I dont think! I just wish I could turn the clock back for one day so I could snuggle him up into my arms and sing to him the way I used to when he was a baby. I was his moon, sun and stars back then - and I miss those days!

We had a great weekend together, my "boys" and I. We took a drive up to Holland, MI and spent the day playing mini-golf, riding go-karts, and playing games for tickets which my son promptly turned in for a Spiderman dart-ball thingamajig. He really melted my heart though when he took the remainder of his tickets to buy a trinket for me - a really neat little keychain that looks like a mini lava lamp. He explained that it was pretty and purple, and so he thought it was perfect for me. He's always been a thoughtful little guy that way!

Wishing all of you a pleasant summer, or what remains of it.

Peace and blessings,


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