Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Memorial Day I Won't Soon Forget

Memorial Day weekend started out pretty normally. We hosted a cookout with friends and family on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday morning, my husband traded his 1966 Mustang for a fairly new motorcycle. He used to own a chopper, but it was a single-seater and he always felt guilty for not being able to take me along. So, after the festivities on Sunday, we decided we would make Monday a bike day. We left in the late morning and rode throughout the county and included a stop to visit his Grandma. The rain looked like it was heading our way, so we decided to head home. I couldn't tell you exactly what happened next because it all happened so fast, but here's my best recollection...

Our driveway is gravel. I thought my hubby was going to stop the bike behind my car, since he was just dropping me off and then riding it around to the backside of our home to put the bike in the garage. Instead of stopping, he started to turn and the bike started to slide. I freaked out a little and started to put my right foot down toward the ground. The bike kept moving and I hyperextended my knee. Then, to make matters worse, I fell with all of my weight on top of my rolled ankle. Results? Broken ankle, sprained knee, sprained hip. The ambulance took me to the E.R., where they put on a half cast and told me to follow up with an ortho doctor in a few days.

My doctor's appt this morning did not come with pleasant news. The break is on the interior side of my ankle - one that has a tendency not to heal very well. They put me in a full cast and instructed me to keep weight off of it completely until my next visit on June 5th. The kicker? Most injuries like mine end up in surgery with bone grafting. Yay me! Not only do I get to miss the best parts of summer, but I'll be doing it while sporting a black and hot pink cast while doped up on loritab. Not exactly how I was hoping to spend the warmest days of the year!

I'll be sure to post pics of my new fashion accessory once I get my hubby to take a few and upload them.

Hope your Memorial Day was spent celebrating the right way!

P.S. You can just call me "Grace" from now on ;)

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MommaD said...

oh my, definitely not the best way to spend early summer! hoping you are the exception to the rule and you heal! in the meantime put your feet up and sip some lemonade!