Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a wild ride it's been!

Hey there, readers! It's been some time since I last wrote, but so much has been happening that I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch my breath! There's been good, bad and ugly for sure! Fortunately, the hell that was my 30th year on this planet is officially over and who knew that 31 could feel so good?!

Let's rewind a bit before I get to the really good stuff... Update on my ankle: I'm only confined to an ankle brace (cast be gone!!), which isn't comfortable but at least it isn't big and bulky, plus I can take it off when I want! I see the doctor again this coming week, so hopefully everything will go smoothly and he'll find that the healing process is going well. I had outptient surgery about a month or so ago for kidney stones (yes, ladies - they really are worse than labor pains - that freaking pain doesn't stop, at least contractions give you some sort of break!). The surgery could have went better (if the doctor hadn't left packing material in a place where it shouldn't have been - can you say GROSS?!), but I recovered just fine.

I had been going to physical therapy three times per week to help me strengthen my muscles and get the elasticity back in my tendons, but that all came to a screeching halt on July 31st when I lost my job and health insurance. Yeah, not only did I lose my job, but the a-holes couldn't even be bothered to give me a few days' notice so I could reschedule my appointments under my health insurance before it stopped. I guess I'll have COBRA options, but none that we could possibly afford right now *sigh*

Anywho, the "fine" institution that I used to work for decided to reassign all of my duties and eliminate my position while I was on disability and couldn't do a thing to challenge them. I'm looking at it now in a positive light - I am free from the shackles of their entirely-backwards company politics and have realized that many of the wealthiest people among us are also the most wicked. No care whatsoever for the people they employ, especially if you challenge the HBIC (and, for the record - if you call yourself a human resources professional, you should at least know a thing or two about how to talk to people, or at least have some sense of compassion for people that weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths). I also find comfort in knowing that karma is a bitch, and people always get what's coming to them eventually.

Now, on the positive side of things... My husband and I had been looking for his daughter for the past three years (he hadn't seen her since she was a baby and didn't even know where to look). A few months ago, we found her! We had taken it slow at first with emails and instant messaging, but were able to finally meet her in person yesterday. The pictures up top are from our meeting! I can't even begin to explain the joy in my heart. For Lexi, for my husband, for my son, and for me! It brings me so much pleasure to watch my husband fall in love all over again. My son was so touched by her in our short time together that he incessantly asks when we will see her again.

With everything that has happened, I'm treating my 31st year on this planet as a new beginning. I'm entirely grateful for every single soul who has held my hand through this past year. You know who you are. Some of you sent a card at just the right time. Some sent a quick email or message through social networking, just to let me know that we were in your thoughts. Some literally held my hand through some very tough moments. Some held me tightly as I wept and begged God to please give us a break. Each of you are an angel to me and I will be forever grateful for having you in my life. It's true, God really doesn't give you more than you can handle. You just have to get through the storm to find the rainbow waiting on the other side...

Much love,


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