Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts From An Airplane

I've spent most of this week in Baltimore for my company's annual audit. It's been a hassle with so much going on at the homefront, but it's also been a bit of a break from daily life.

On my way to Baltimore, I put on my mp3 player and tried to read "Twilight". I got a few chapters in, but found myself feeling the need to write down my thoughts instead of immersing myself in a world of highschool vampires. For your reading pleasure, here are some of those thoughts:
  • The "Expert Traveler" lane at MDW rocks - I got through security in no time!
  • The islands of ice in Lake Michigan are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Listening to "Summertime" by Sublime makes me want a mixed drink!
  • Ahhh, free drink for Business Select Travelers on Southwest...
  • Cranapple Blast is yummy!
  • Maybe not the best first meal of the day - Cranapple Blast, airline peanuts and Ritz cracker chips.
  • My first time flying with an all-male crew - I like them better than the women, I think.
  • The pilot mentioned we're flying over Detroit - how the heck is Detroit "on the way" from Chicago to Baltimore?! Isn't that a bit north of where we should be?! Who designs these flight patterns anyways?!
  • Flying above the clouds and seeing a horizon line where the clouds break into the most perfect shade of baby blue... it fades into a gorgeous shade of cobalt... THIS is why I must have a window seat!
  • Cranapple Blast is yummy - and strong! I'm going to be drunk by the time the plane touches down!
  • Oooh, "Sweet Angel" by Jimi Hendrix is playing... I love this song!
  • These mixed drinks from Southwest come with the cutest little heart-shaped stir stick.
  • I think the Bible-reading lady sitting next to me hates the smell of the vodka in my drink.
  • I think she hates it even more that I've got a vampire book on my lap while she's reading the Bible.
  • I hope she didn't die - she's sleeping in an awful funny position...
  • I already miss my "boys" at home...
  • Of course, the weather at home is supposed to be awesome while I'm away, and get back to freezing temps just in time for my return.
  • Bible Lady isn't dead... she's actually very sweet, but she must not realize that I can't hear her with my headphones on...
  • My flight is 25 minutes ahead of schedule - woot!
  • Did I mention that Cranapple Blast is yummy?!
  • We've landed... off to dinner at some Japanese Steakhouse...

Catch y'all on my return trip home!


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post...especially the time or two you mentioned the cranberry blast and the lady reading the bible sitting next to someone reading about vampires...too funny.

MySweetThree said...

I loved those random thoughts, lol! But I'm wondering....How do you feel about Cranapple Blast? tee hee