Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Great Day!

I awoke this morning to the most beautiful day. The birds were chirping and not a flake of snow in sight! The temperature is 54 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. I had almost forgotten what anything about 32 degrees felt like.

To top it off, I completed my inventory reconciliation at work two days ahead of schedule. To best even that, my total variance for the entire company (four plants plus corporate headquarters) was less than $90!! Mind you, when I took this position about nine months ago, the variance was over $1,000,000 (yep, I said MILLION).

The cherry on top of this morning? I scored a 98% for final grade in my Health & Wellness course. I started pre-reading for my next class, a survey of the New Testament, and am surprisingly extremely intrigued so far! I was raised in a Christian family, but we didn't really go to church - I was just brought up to believe without any of the real lessons from the Bible. So it's interesting to me to finally look at all of it in a historical context.

I think I'm going home early today to enjoy the sunshine rest, because I'm sick of being inside and cold suddenly feeling under the weather ;)


Nora said...

Today was sunny and beautiful here, too! Makes me happy! Congrats on the A+! Feel better! :D

Pam Plumley said...

Wow! Here in Tucson, we're in the 70s and even low 80s! Hard to believe there's still snow in some places~!!! Anyway, I agree-it's nice to get outside no matter the whether!

Pam Plumley said...

I forgot to mention-congrats on your A-I wish I could afford online Bible college-glad you're doing well at it though.

CB said...

It's always a good feeling when everything seems to be going right for once. :) Congrats on your 98% must of been a lot of work!