Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Others will tell me that you're hardly a baby anymore! I miss the days that you called me "Mommy", now it's stictly "Mom". You used to rush up and give me hugs and kisses every chance you got, but these days you're quick to assess the witnesses around first, to make sure none of your classmates are watching. I'll learn to survive, just know that you'll always be MY baby boy!

I'm sorry that you're sick today and even sorrier that you won't be able to celebrate with your classmates until you return to school on Thursday. A diagnosis of Fifth's Disease sure seems like a kick in the pants on today of all days, but you're tough like me and along with the rest of your loving family, we'll make sure we celebrate extra tonight!

Happy 10th Birthday, Punkin!


Mommy :)


Anonymous said...

Tell your baby boy Happy Birthday from Alterity! I know your 12 year old boy won't even hug me I miss the days he would cuddle up on my lap! and I'm sorry he has 5th disease! I never even heard of that until my daughter got it in 3rd grade!!! her skin looked like a giraffe!

Scary Mommy said...

Happy birthday, little guy!!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Aww how sweet. Happy Birthday little man!! My girl at 2 already says, "Mom" way to much!