Friday, November 13, 2009

No excuses

I could sit here and tell you that I have a million reasons why I haven't blogged in months, but they would likely be excuses or little white lies. Truth be told, I probably should have been blogging this whole time. Writing is a bit therapeutic for me, and I could've used the outlet.

Things are well in the Human home. Things have been a little rocky everywhere else, but such is life. I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with our family, though I'm still shocked that it's now less than two weeks away. This year has flown by with the speed of Superman, I swear (except for those two months I was committed to my couch, those two lasted FOREVER!).

I have created a few new pieces for sale on my etsy site. I had a custom request for an eyeglass chain and made a few of them while I was at it. I haven't done a lot of creating lately, but hope to get back in the swing of it with the holidays approaching. Funny thing is that the creating isn't even the hard part - for some reason, getting my act together and actually getting the listing up on etsy has been my bane. I'm losing my motivation, but I'm working to find it again...

Until next time, peace and love...

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