Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby's First Photo

The weeks leading to this past Tuesday were full of struggle and emotion. I was consumed with worry over our baby-to-be. Would it be healthy? Is it growing like it should? Is this all in my head? Tuesday's ultrasound appointment eased my mind in ways that I didn't even know it could. I don't know what I expected to see, but what I did see was amazing in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

The nurse nearly gave me a heart attack when it took her more than a few minutes to get a clear picture on the screen. And then I saw him/her. Not just there, but moving and kicking and punching around like a mini Muhammad Ali. I can't even say that I cried. I wept. Tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of sheer and utter delight. I think I worried the nurse, but she assured me that everything looked perfectly... NORMAL. I never thought that one word could be such a comfort. The heartbeat was strong at 169 bpm (and what a beautiful sound) and the baby measured right on target for our due date on August 4th.

So, it is with much pride and joy that I share with you now, Baby Human's very first photo...
Adorable, isn't he/she? ;)

A very proud mama,

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Jim said...

Beautiful ... just like you!