Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back To The Grind

Today is the last day of vacation from my regular 9-to-5. Tomorrow, I reenter the fabulous and unforgiving world of inventory control once again. Double joy for me over the next few weeks, as I'll be dealing not only with month-end, but year-end as well. Did I also mention that my boss has added a January trip to our newest plant in Louisiana? You know, because flying out of Chicago in the middle of winter is oh-so-much-fun... At least I'm still on break from school for the next week, so I'm hoping to find time in the evenings to create some of the new ideas that are in my head for pretty bracelet and candle jewelry designs.

I just finished submitting my entry for Cafe Handmade today - please be sure to check out the site over the next coming weeks. It's a virtual craft fair of sorts, and there are some great finds on there (I've already started my birthday wish list, ha!).

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Tabitha Blue said...

Ohh, good for you... that's great!! I want to get more creative!!!!