Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update: Day 6, New Products & Special Savings for Blog Readers!

First, the tobacco-free update! I'm proudly on Day 6 of being tobacco free! I have to admit, I feel fantastic. I still have cravings, but they aren't as strong as I thought they would be. I keep myself busy and pop in a piece of sugar-free gum when I feel them the strongest. I think the cold weather outside and the fact that I'm at the busiest time of the year for my job really helps. At home, I'm busy with Christmas preparations and school work. I won't say that it's easy, but I will say that it has been totally worth it! I can smell and breathe so much better now! A deep breath isn't a laborious effort any longer! I'm excited to do some outdoor activities in the spring, now that it's not such an effort to just make it up stairs without losing a lung on the way!

I took advantage of having a week-long break from school for the Thanksgiving holiday to do some beading. A few months back, I had created a pretty pastel crystal beaded memory wire bracelet. In my haste to get the house clean one day, I snapped the bracelet onto one of my glass votive holders, and didn't give it a second thought. My husband went on a candle binge a few days later (he loves to light every single candle in the house, and snuggle up to watch our favorite shows - I'm a lucky gal that way!). He lit the candle inside the votive holder with the bracelet still wrapped around it and we were both impressed with the way it looked. The candle flame and the crystal caused these beautiful sparkles to dance around our walls... and "Candle Jewelry" was born...

I have made several different designs for this new line already... The best thing is that Candle Jewelry doubles as a bracelet! What a great gift idea! Most women I know love jewelry or candles, better yet if they love both!

I have posted them all in one etsy listing, but will take the time to break them out into individual and custom order listings later this week (I'm hoping I can squeeze in the time!). For a preview, please visit my etsy shop!

As a special bonus for my blog readers, enter code "BLOGGER" in the comments section of your order at the time of checkout and received 25% OFF! Offer valid through 12/10/08.

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