Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Geeked!

This is Malcolm, The Anti-Work Monster. I found him while my mind was aimlessly wondering through the world wide web and I absolutely love him. How can you not love something called "The ANTI-WORK Monster", seriously?! Unfortunately, I have only found him in a flickr slideshow, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear from his creator to see if she could make one (or ten dozen) for me, too! Keep your fingers crossed for me - if I find out how to get my hands on these things, I can just envision lining my office walls with them, mailing them to my co-workers, making them my business card holder (I'd just stuff my cards in the back of his tighty-yella's there!).

With less than 1.5 working days left before I have a full NINE days off, I'm GEEKED about my upcoming vacation. I've had a lot of time "away" from work over the past couple months, but every bit of time off has been for my husband's hospital stay and his subsequent follow up appointments with doctors at the University of Chicago. This time it's planned time off - no illness, no death, no hospital, no doctors!

The pre-vacation bliss is also making me a little crazy. I find that I'm having a hard time focusing on tasks at work and home - real, legitimate stuff that HAS to be done. I think my mind is so ready for time off, that it's decided to start vacation early on its own... I spent all night last night working on a new logo for my shop instead of wrapping presents, doing laundry, or working on school work - all tasks that are, trust me, far more important than the "need" for a new logo for my shop. In my defense, I just really needed to do something for myself for a change. I've worked really hard over the last year to make sure that everyone else was happy and taken care of. I think it's my turn now!

So, next week, I'm dedicating myself to do the things I love. I'm going to bake or make candy, make a few new jewelry pieces, READ (I cant't tell you how much I miss reading for pleasure and I have Gregory Maguire's "Lost" waiting for me, begging me to lose myself in another world for a couple hundred pages!), and play around with my logo a little more. Maybe I'll even take a shot at creating a new blog template for my blog. I'm not promising to get out of my pajamas - I'm not even promising to take a shower. I might make an exception on Christmas Day - but that's it! I'll let you know how it goes...

Until then, I suppose I better get back to work... I have lots of stuff to do, remember?!

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The White House said...

Beautiful things... good for you on going handmade. I checked out your etsy store and will be back. Let me know if you are doing any giveaways and I will advertise on my blog for you. And thanks so much for coming by and entering for a chance to win a blog makeover. Hoping a win for you!